ADHD Coaching for a lifetime of success

"I can't take it anymore!"

"I can't remember..."

Is your child or teen constantly forgetting homework assignments, permission slips and chores? 

"I can't find it!"

Are they often losing school work, lunch boxes, keys, sport's equipment?

"Oh, no! It's due tomorrow!"

Are you up at 9pm helping with a project you only learned about at 2pm?

"You can focus when you want to?"

Is your child able to focus on video games, tablets and cell phones while seemingly ignoring you? 

"Are you even listening to me?"

Tired of repeating yourself?  

The Answer: live strong, live well coaching!

School Success

Learn the skills to complete projects and assignments with ease and confidence. 

Put a stop to power struggles

Finally, enjoy helping your child with their homework.  


Watch your child build confidence and finally reach the potential you see in them.  

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About Your Coach

Teresa Bairos, LMFT

 Teresa​​ is a ​Licensed​ Marriage ​& ​Family ​Therapist​ who ​has​ worked ​with​ children ​and families ​for ​over ​15​ years. ​​Teresa ​relocated​ to​ South​Florida​ from ​New ​England​ where she ​ran ​her ​own​ practice.  In addition, she developed​ an ​ADHD ​curriculum​ designed ​to ​support​ adults ​and ​children ​in developing ​the ​life ​skills ​to ​overcome ​the challenges ​of ​ADHD. Her clients have seen an improvement in grades and drastic decrease in family conflict.  ​​​She​ holds ​a ​M.A. ​in ​Marital ​and​ Family​ Therapy ​and ​a ​B.S. ​in​ Family ​Studies ​from ​the ​University of ​Connecticut. 


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